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2/1/2018 - 2/28/2018
Video of the Month | Dortmunder U

Taus Makhacheva: Super Taus (Untitled 1)

The HMKV Video of the Month is a monthly series of screenings of recent works by international artists.

11/25/2017 - 4/8/2018
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

The Storming of the Winter Palace - Forensics of an Image

In 2017 the October Revolution will have its hundredth anniversary. On this occasion, the project The Storming of the Winter Palace will be dedicated to the photograph that has become the symbol of that revolution more than any other.

11/25/2017 - 4/8/2018
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

The Border

Where does Asia start, where does Europe end? The exhibition The Border explores and reflects on borders of various kinds: as territorial inclusion or exclusion, as cultural or social dividing line, as an instrument to distinguish between “us” and “them”.

10/21/2017 - 4/22/2018
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

Afro-Tech and the Future of Re-Invention

This exhibition establishes a connection between Afro-Futurism and alternative technological energies and imaginations and presents Africa as a continent of technological innovation.

8/27/2016 - 12/31/2018
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

Dan Perjovschi: The Hard/er Drawing

For its twentieth anniversary, the HMKV re-invited the Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi who with his sarcastic drawings will cover all the walls of the publicly accessible space on the levels 0 - 6 in the vertical space of the Dortmunder U.