Family Sunday

HMKV in the Dortmunder U | Level 3

Every first Sunday of the month, a colorful, free program for the whole family takes place throughout the Dortmunder U. Admission is free.

The HMKV shows from 09 September 2023 the exhibition Was ist Kunst, IRWIN?
The Slovenian artist collective IRWIN deals in its works, among other things, with the art history of Eastern Europe. The exhibition consists of two major chapters that address the themes of black humor and the state. Both play an important role in IRWIN's work.

HMKV offers the following programme on Family Sunday:

Build Your Own Picture Frame
12:00 - 17:00
Build your own picture frame out of wood, tie it with branches, cut it out of cardboard or upcycle a frame. Design it creatively with different materials – there are no limits to your imagination!

Riddle booklet for the exhibition
12:00 - 17:00
With our riddle and accompanying booklet you can explore our exhibition and help Kunibert Quadrat to solve different puzzles. Suitable for reading ages and up. (Only available in German)

Public guided tour
16:00 - 16:45
During the guided tour through the exhibition you can learn more about the background of the exhibition and the works, e.g. which techniques and symbols IRWIN use.


Photo: Team HMKV

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