Workshop: AI Infrastructures for Civil Society and the Arts

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HMKV cordially invites you to the online symposium: AI Infrastructures for Civil Society and the Arts in the context of House of Mirrors: Artificial Intelligence as Phantasm.

This one-day symposium explores the proposition that a civil society AI infrastructure is needed to provide computational capacity and processes for the fields of art, human rights, ecology, and political activism as a public mission. To this end, a number of individuals have been invited to highlight and then discuss various aspects of civic and artistic AI infrastructure in keynote presentations. The symposium results from the observation that many of the artists* active in the field of Artificial Intelligence are dependent on the infrastructures of Google, Amazon and Nvidia, and that a public AI infrastructure does not yet exist in Germany.

The symposium will consist of a series of keynote presentations followed by opportunities for discussion. A number of speakers have been invited to present problems and case studies in short contributions. Interested members of the public can participate via videoconference after prior registration.

With: Inke Arns, Dominik Bönisch, Julie Boschat-Thorez, Cristina Cochior, Ariana Dongus, Eva Feuchter, Adam Harvey, Francis Hunger, Marie Lechner, Rosemary Lee, Sarah Grant, Katharina Meyer, Paul Keller, Lorena Jaume-Palasi

Note: The video conference will be recorded for internal purposes. The recording will not be made public.

Time: 09:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 15:00
Registration: required at
Cost: free of charge
Language: English
Location: online (link will be provided after registration)



9:00 Introduction
Francis Hunger (HMKV, Leipzig)
9:15 EU and other government actors
Lorena Jaume-Palasi (founder of The Ethical Tech Society and AlgorithmWatch), “AI regulation at the EU level - Dataspaces and non-commercial projects”
10:00 Case studies
Adam Harvey (artist, Berlin) “VFRAME - Computer Vision for Human Rights”, Ariana Dongus (media scholar, KIM Karlsruhe) “UNHCR and Eyehood – Data Collection and Civic Society in non-governmental zones”, Dominik Bönisch (Training the Archive, Aachen) “The Curators Maschine”, Rosemary Lee (artist, Porto): “Deconstructing Representation”
12–13 Break
13:00 House of Mirrors – AI as Phantasm
Inke Arns (HMKV, curator), Marie Lechner (curator)
13:15 Approaches
Cristina Cochior & Julie Boschat-Thorez (Varia Zone, Rotterdam) – “Collective and non-extractive digital infrastructures”, Sarah Grant (artist, Berlin) “Open Source Software and Grass Roots Networks for Arts Infrastructures”, Katharina Meyer (historian of technology and culture, Sovereign Tech Fund, Berlin) – “Open Digital Base Technologies”, Paul Keller (political scientist, Open Future) – “Common Data Spaces”
14:15 Evaluation Graphic Recording
Eva Feuchter (illustrator, designer, Leipzig)
Final discussion 15-30 min



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