“Tracing Wetness” | Workshop with Nina Paszkowski and Nada Rosa

HMKV at the Dortmunder U | Level 3

Introduction by Nada Rosa Schroer: Tracing Wetness: Reflections on a hydrofeminist consideration of post-industrial landscapes.

Workshop with Nina Paszkowski and Nada Rosa Schroer: Tracing Wetness: Workshop on the Trans-Corporality of Water Bodies

Based on the project Fluid Circulations, the event will theoretically and practically engage with the feminist concept of hydrocommons. Tracing Wetness begins with an input on the hydrofeminist reading of the consequences of black coal and brown coal extraction for regional water cycles. What fluid milieus are we involved in and what (technological, financial, managerial) infrastructures permeate the hydrosystems in the Rhenish Revier and Ruhr region? What narratives of economic use and stories of ecological abuse unfold along these water bodies and how can they be counter-read hydrofeministically?

In a subsequent workshop, we will try out body-centred methods to explore different qualities of human-water relations. What experiences do we have in contact with water and what does that do to us? What are the relationships of use, dependence and care? Through various exercises that explore our intimate connection with the element, the workshop aims to facilitate a relational mapping of bodies in post-industrial landscapes.

The workshop is free of charge. Registration by mail via event@hmkv.de.

Image: Jana Kerima Stolzer & Lex Rütten, Xtract, Video still, 2023.

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