Dan Perjovschi: The Hard/er Drawing

16. August 2016 - 30. April 2019 Dortmunder U | on all levels

For its twentieth anniversary, the HMKV re-invited the Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi who already participated in HMKV's exhibition "new ideas – old tricks" in 2001. Back then, a fax machine was installed in the exhibition space. On a daily basis, the artist sent drawings via the fax machine - one of them addressing HMKV itself („verein with no webpage“).

In his spontaneous yet highly stylized drawings, Dan Perjovschi takes a critical and often ironic look at pressing social issues. His artistic strategy could be described as the temporary occupation of institutional spaces with political illustrations and critical comments. His work generally extends beyond the opening of the show, as he continually expands and “grows” his drawings in the course of a one or two week long process in which visitors are encouraged to take part. Due to the nature of his work, Perjovschi’s exhibitions are essentially unpredictable, but they always offer a fascinating mirror of contemporary society.


Dan Perjovschi
The Hard Drawing
Marker drawing on white wall, Dortmunder U, Vertical Space, Levels 0-6
From 27 August 2016 – until the end of April 2019
Free admission

Produced by
HMKV (Hartware MedienKunstVerein)

In cooperation with
Dortmunder U – Zentrum für Kunst und Kreativität

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