Hack on Instagram channel [UPDATE]

Good news: We were able to completely recover our Instagram channel @hmkv_de. Since yesterday evening (08 February 2022) we have full access to the channel again (and nobody else!). No more unwanted (phishing) messages can be sent from the channel and the account can be safely visited by all users again. We hope that no one was affected by the incident.

We are very happy to have the account back, to be able to provide you with information from the HMKV and to be able to exchange information with you.

A huge thank you also to all colleagues for the valuable exchange among each other and the support during the process.

Your Team HMKV


The Instagram channel of the HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein is unfortunately affected by a hacker attack. The channel has been completely taken over by hackers and is no longer accessible for the association. The account can no longer be found under our name "hmkv_de". Since similar incidents happened with colleagues, we cannot exclude that the channel has been renamed and that messages with links are sent from this channel. Therefore, we ask you to be cautious and not to respond to any messages and links, except to report them directly back to Instagram as "scam" at: Report - Report Account - Scam and Fraud.

All other HMKV social media channels are not affected.

The HMKV is working on defending the attack: We have called in experts, involved the police and reported the incident to the police. We have also requested support from the channel operator Meta on several occasions. We hope that no one has been affected by this incident and ask you to send us any information by e-mail to presse@hmkv.de

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