Public programme accompanying the exhibition "Artists & Agents" starts 20 February 2020

From 20 February 2020, the HMKV’s exhibition Artists & Agents - Performance Art and Secret Services will be accompanied by an exciting and interactive programme: In addition to a three-part film programme, two workshops will complement the exhibition theme providing useful skills from the secret services' toolbox: The Croatian theatre director Tea Tupajić shares her knowledge of secret service methods gained from two years of research. In their workshop on „Digital Self-Defence“ members of Bielefeld’s Digitalcourage e.V. will show how to protect personal data in the digital space from theft and surveillance.

Due to the high demand since the exhibition’s opening, there will be another opportunity for a discussion with the curators: On 7 March 2020 at 15:00 Kata Krasznahorkai, Inke Arns and Sylvia Sasse will speak about their extensive research in secret service archives of former socialist states in Eastern Europe – over 7,000 pages of files have been sifted through to present some cases that have never been shown before. How do you search in secret service archives? Why are the secret services’ archives of Western countries not accessible? The evening’s focus will be on how these challenges are presented in the exhibition.

On every Sunday and public holiday, the HMKV offers free guided tours through the exhibition. Every first Sunday of the month is a “Family Sunday” at the Dortmunder U: The HMKV invites families to take part in our free guided tours for kids (as well as their parents), to explore the exhibition through a paper-chase game, and to create spy gimmicks at our crafting stations.

The exhibition Artists & Agents – Performance Art and Secret Services at the HMKV focuses on the interaction between agents and performance artists and is on view until 19 April 2020.

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