Workshop: Hip Hop Summer School

At this year's Summer School you will experience a fusion of elements of hip hop culture such as rap, dance and graffiti. Learn dance forms like breaking or locking, write your own rap song that we will record together and develop your own style in graffiti writing. Try yourself out! And at the end we will combine everything we have learned into a small performance.

With Amandip Singh (project management), Stefan Teubner (rap), Winett Ardouin (dance), Christian Hesterkamp & Marco Saaber (graffiti)

10-14 years, cost: €25


This event is part of the programme of the cooperation project „Club, Kunst & Kultur“ by the HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein and the UZWEI at the Dortmunder U with the exhibitions Can’t Get You Out of My Head in seven Dortmund clubs and hello again at the UZWEI at the Dortmunder U.

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